How Can the Parents Heal Themselves to Be More Peaceful?

There is a saying that all our children need from us is the ordinary devotion. They don’t require us to be perfect. But did you ever thought about the most ordinary devotion which you need to give to your children. This ordinary devotion is something which can keep us wandering the in the second floor of the building while holding a crying baby who couldn’t sleep due to aching ear. This ordinary devotion makes the parents to do all those sacrifices for the children that they wouldn’t even think about when it comes to dealing with the closest of friends and relatives.

This devotion is the natural feeling which parents have in their hearts for the children. But there is one more thing which can term as crossing the line. Sometimes, we go too far in our devotion and passion about protecting our children and end up hurting them in some way. This overprotection usually results in upbringing of the children who are anxious and self-centered. The main reason is that parents would also have got same kind of treatment from their parents. And hence the attributes get inherited.

Good news is that there is always the way to move towards peaceful parenting. The type of parenting we were talking about in the above paragraph can be referred to as aggressive parenting which doesn’t do any good to the children. Peaceful parenting, on the other hand, tends to move in the direction to build constructing behavior both in the parents and the children. But for that purpose, the parents need to heal themselves from the childhood wounds they would get as a result of aggressive parenting from their parents.

Be in the conscious state while parenting

Most of the parents start over-reacting when they see their children getting hurt or acting out. In that situation, you can do a little search in your own self to find out if there is something wrong inside you that is making you over-react like this. Children are children, and they get hurt and act out in the way normal children do. So it’s definitely your inner self which is giving you the wrong heads up calls which you should pay attention to.

Use your own pause button

The moment you are about react when there is no reaction required, you can find your own pause button inside you to push. Push the button and you will start to get back to the normal state which would be your good self. This pause button is usually the deep breaths which you can let you regain control of your mind and connect it with the body.

Understand the emotions

Rather than acting out blindly under the influence of any kind of emotion, you first need to find out the message which comes with the emotions. This is usually the encoded message which you need to decode by remaining calm and understanding the emotion.

Get rid of the stress

There are a lot of things that you can do to get rid of the stress. You don’t necessarily need to focus on meditation, yoga or hot baths if you are unable to extract the time for these activities. You can simply spend some family time to get rid of the stress. The big stress reliever can turn out to be the roughhousing session which you can spend with your children. It could actually be beneficial because roughhousing helps the children to have more confidence on their abilities and they also start to believe in their physical strengths.


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